Civil Litigation for Business

Pragmatic legal solutions that match your business goals

When your business is facing a legal dispute, you need clear, realistic advice to cut through the confusion and get the result you want quickly and cost-effectively. You also need to make sure the way you deal with the dispute fits your overall business interests, including protecting your reputation and key commercial relationships. Our pragmatic, business-minded commercial litigation team can help.

At Pearson Hards, we know how frustrating legal disputes can be, with the potential to waste a lot of time and energy you could be putting into running your business. Whether you are dealing with a dispute involving a customer, another business, a professional or any other type of commercial conflict, we can use our experienced team to find the right solution quickly, so you can get back to making your business a success.

Any decision you make for your business has to be cost-effective – we understand this, so will always ensure the solutions we recommend keep the costs proportionate to the outcome. We will provide a clear breakdown of our fees and the likely costs involved with different options at the outset, so you can make an informed choice.

Every case we take on is handled by one of our experienced commercial litigation experts from start to finish. This means you will have a continuous point of contact, with a direct email address and phone number, for when you need to ask a question or get an update.

Most people don’t want the expense, hassle or publicity of dealing with business disputes in court, so we focus on Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) wherever possible. Using negotiation and mediation, we can typically get a positive outcome for you without the need for court proceedings, saving you time, money and stress while keeping things private.

However, where court proceedings are needed, we work with a number of highly-skilled commercial litigation barristers who can offer first-class advocacy at an affordable rate. So, no matter what approach is needed, we can always guarantee you the skills and expert representation your business needs.

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We offer every new commercial litigation client a fixed fee no obligation initial consultation for £180+VAT.

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How we can help you with commercial litigation

Our commercial litigation solicitors in Surrey provide clear, cost-effective advice for all types of business disputes, including:

How we resolve commercial disputes the right way for your business

Without prejudice meetings

A common concern is that if you attempt to negotiate a solution to a business dispute and this doesn’t work, anything you give away during the negotiations could be used against you in later court proceedings.

Without prejudice meetings solve this problem as nothing discussed during the process can be used in court. This means you are free to negotiate and make concessions without worrying about weakening your legal position.

Our commercial litigation team regularly use without prejudice meetings for all types of commercial conflicts, so can effectively advise and represent you, giving you the best chance of achieving a solution that works for your business interests.

Commercial mediation

Mediation can be highly effective for business disputes, allowing you to work with the other party or parties involved to agree a solution that is acceptable to everyone. It is often the fastest and least expensive option, as well as keeping the whole matter private.

The process involves the various parties sitting down with a trained mediator who acts as a neutral third-party to facilitate the discussion and defuse any potential for conflict. Any agreement you make will be recorded in a document signed by the parties.

Court proceedings

Unfortunately, court proceedings are sometimes necessary if you cannot agree a solution voluntarily or where negotiation and mediation are not appropriate for your situation.

Our commercial litigation solicitors work with a number of highly skilled barristers who specialise in business disputes, so if your case does go to court, we can ensure you have the very best representation and legal expertise at every stage.

Why Pearson Hards are the right choice for commercial litigation

Our Commercial Litigation team is headed by Claire Darby, a highly experienced dispute resolution specialist with strong commercial experience. Having trained at a City law firm, Claire offers the exceptional legal skills you would expect from a London firm, but without the London price tag.

Claire is supported by a strong team, including business dispute resolution specialist Rob Dell, allowing us to offer seasoned expertise in various types of commercial litigation. We also have very strong Company & Commercial and Commercial Property teams who can provide their experienced expertise and assist with avoiding future business disputes through effective legal planning.

We regularly represent a wide range of businesses, from sole traders and partnerships through to both private and public companies, in Kingston, Surbiton and Wimbledon, as well as across Surrey and South London.

Our pricing is competitive with no hidden charges and will be happy to provide a quote upfront and to clearly outline the potential costs involved in different approaches to resolving your dispute, so you can make a pragmatic decision for your business interests.

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