About Us

Your New Malden Solicitors: for every milestone, for every hurdle

If you are looking for a solicitor, you are probably at one of those important stages in your life.

Here at Pearson Hards, our clients know that as they reach those big stepping stones in their lives, they can rely on our expertise. They know that we’ll take care of the finer detail, and use our knowledge to guide them in the right direction, whilst all the time looking out for their best interests.

What can you expect from Pearson Hards?

A personal service and dedication to getting the job done, no matter what. Lawyers who are experienced and knowledgeable enough to see the bigger picture: how will what we do here affect other aspects of your life?

We have the resources, the expertise and the integrity to serve you well, and you can trust us without question.

We’re here to help you through the jargon, to help make sense of everything for you. And we’ll do it your way - we’ll work on your terms.

A slice of history

Pearson Hards may be a new name, and our approach is fresh and progressive, but we go back a long way.

New Malden based Pearsons began in 1963 and just over 30 years later joined forces with C A Maddin, a longstanding firm which had been serving the people of Surbiton since 1928 to become Pearson Maddin.

The company expanded further in October 2012 when it merged with New Malden firm ACS Hards & Co to become Pearson Hards LLP. ACS Hards started in 1965 as a successor to AG Berry and Co which can trace its history right back to the turn of the century in the city of London and to the early 1930s in New Malden.

In October 2015 Sutton law firm John Chapman & Co became part of Pearson Hards LLP. John Chapman & Co was founded in the 1950’s serving clients in Sutton and the surrounding areas.

Together we are looking to the future: a future where the core values that served our clients through the generations are still as important as ever, but where we embrace the changing faces of life and family, of communication and technology, and of clients’ expectations.

We look forward to welcoming you and your family as clients of Pearson Hards and to expertly guiding you at every important milestone throughout your lives.