Civil Litigation

Clear advice on your legal options and how to get your life back on track

If you are stuck in a legal dispute, you may be unclear about your legal rights or options. You might be worried about how long it’s going to take and how much it could end up costing. Or you may simply want the problem sorted out with as little stress as possible. Our friendly, expert civil litigation team can help.

At Pearson Hards, we know how confusing and frustrating it can be to find yourself facing a dispute over your home, your job, an inheritance or any other issue that affects your life. We can give you a clear picture of your rights and your options for moving forward, helping you to get the outcome you need as quickly and cost-effectively as possible.

Your case will be dealt with by an experienced lawyer from start to finish and you will have their direct email address and phone number, so you can always get an update or ask a question and get a swift answer when you need it.

Cost is always important when thinking about how to approach a legal dispute. Our pricing is transparent and competitive, so you will know exactly how our fees work and how much dealing with your dispute is likely to cost. We will always make sure the cost stays proportionate to the outcome you want to achieve.

We know most people don’t like the idea of going to court and fortunately this is rarely necessary thanks to our team’s expertise with Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR). Using negotiation and mediation, we can almost always find a positive outcome for you that saves you time, stress and legal costs, while keeping the whole matter private.

However, where court proceedings are needed, we work with a number of highly-skilled barristers who can offer first-class representation affordably, while our team can provide personal support for every stage of proceedings if required.

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We offer every new civil litigation client a fixed fee no obligation initial consultation for £180+VAT.

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How we can help you with civil litigation

Our civil litigation solicitors in Surrey provide clear, cost-effective advice for all types of personal legal disputes, including:

How we get the right outcome for your dispute the right way for you

Without prejudice meetings

A without prejudice meeting allows you to meet with the other party or parties involved in the dispute to seek a solution voluntarily. You can each have your own legal representative to advise you, giving you the confidence that you are not compromising your interests.

‘Without prejudice’ means that anything you admit or any concessions you make during the meeting cannot be referred to in any subsequent court proceedings if you cannot agree a settlement. This gives you the freedom to negotiate without the fear of prejudicing any potential future court case.

Our civil litigation team are highly experienced in representing clients during without prejudice meetings, so can ensure the process is productive and fair to your interests, giving you the best chance of securing a workable solution.

Mediation for civil disputes

Mediation involves you and the other party or parties in the dispute sitting down with a trained, neutral mediator to discuss the points of conflict between you and work towards a negotiated solution.

The key difference from a without prejudice meeting is that you will have the mediator working between the parties and their legal representatives attempting to facilitate a solution.  Their role is to keep the process on track and defuse any potential for conflict.

The main advantages of mediation are that it is often the fastest, least expensive and most amicable way to resolve disputes, as well as keeping matters private. Any agreement you make through mediation will be recorded in a document signed by the parties.

Court proceedings

While court proceedings are generally a last resort for resolving civil disputes, they may sometimes be necessary if you cannot agree a solution voluntarily or if negotiation and mediation are not appropriate.

Our civil litigation solicitors work with a number of highly skilled barristers who specialise in various types of dispute, so can ensure you have the very best representation and legal expertise available if your case does go to court.

Why Pearson Hards are the right choice for civil litigation

Our Civil Litigation team is headed by Claire Darby, who brings years of experience in dispute resolution with a personal approach focused on your unique requirements. Having trained at a City law firm, Claire offers the exceptional legal skills you would expect from a London firm, but without the London price tag.

Claire is supported by a strong team with a breadth of expertise in various types of civil litigation, regularly representing clients in Kingston, Surbiton and Wimbledon, as well as across Surrey and South London.

We offer competitive pricing with no hidden charges and will be happy to provide a realistic breakdown of our fees at the outset. This means you will have a clear picture of the likely costs involved in resolving your dispute and how different approaches, such as mediation, will affect these costs. 

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