Employee Advice

Professional Advice for Employees from Employment Law Specialists

At Pearson Hards we know that needing legal advice about your employment can indicate a difficult time in your life.  You may have found yourself in a situation where you are still at work and need some advice about how to deal with a problem.  Alternatively, you may have left your job, or be leaving your job shortly, and want to know whether you have a claim against your outgoing employer. 

Whatever the situation that you find yourself in, our employment law solicitor will discuss your problem with you, either by telephone or in a face to face meeting, in order to advise you of your rights and provide you with some options.  Our initial meeting will be an opportunity for you to speak in an open and confidential way about the situation you find yourself in.  Once you have received our professional advice, you can decide the best way forward for you.  We offer free initial 20 minute consultations or we can have a longer consultation for a fixed fee price.  If you decide that you need further advice or representation after the initial consultation then we will provide you with estimates of our fees and anticipated timescales before any work is carried out.

How we can help you?

We’re here to provide you with specialist advice you if you’ve been:

  • Dismissed unfairly
  • Told you’re being made redundant
  • Asked to sign a Settlement Agreement
  • Bullied or harassed at work
  • Unfairly treated due to race, gender, disability, religion or belief
  • Refused leave you believe you are entitled to
  • Turned down for flexible working
  • Refused promotion or training
  • Made to work overtime without pay
  • Deducted pay
  • Advised your duties or conditions of employment are changing

Or if you need tribunal representation.

Why Pearson Hards?

Advice you can trust and the strongest representation are promised by Pearson Hards. Problems at work can seem all consuming, especially as many of us spend most of our time at work.  We aim to take away as much of your concern as possible and offer support to you in whatever capacity you feel you need.

Everything we do is in your best interests. If it’s important that you preserve your relationship with your employer, we’ll do our best to find a way to resolve the issue amicably.

Our solicitors have an excellent track record in handling claims on behalf of employees and working with ACAS to ensure claims are resolved, where possible, without the need for recourse to the Employment Tribunal.

Talk to a Specialist Employment Law Solicitor Today.

Whether you need a single piece of advice on something that’s playing on your mind, or full representation in a tribunal case, we’re here to help.