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Clear, practical advice to protect your employment rights

Problems with your employer can be confusing, upsetting and highly stressful. You may have lost your job and be in serious financial difficulties. Or you might still be in work but dealing with a situation that is making your professional life very difficult. You may be unsure about your legal rights and what, if anything, you can do to put things right.

At Pearson Hards, we can provide clear advice about your legal position and how we can help you achieve a positive outcome. If you need to challenge a problem at your current workplace, we can guide you through doing so in a way that protects your job and relationship with your employers. Should you need to make a claim against a former employer, we can advise and represent you, making sure you get the best possible deal.

Whatever situation you find yourself in, our employment law solicitors can offer immediate, expert support, either by telephone or in a face to face meeting. You will then deal with the same person every step of the way, so you always know you to speak to when you have a question and they will get to know you and your case personally.

In the majority of cases, workplace disputes can be resolved quickly and cost-effectively through negotiation, early conciliation and other non-confrontational methods. This not only saves you time and money, it can also keep things much less stressful and let you maintain a better relationship with your employer or former employer.

We know how intimidating it can be to raise an issue at work or to ask for help, but we pride ourselves on being approachable and honest. We want you to feel completely comfortable discussing your situation openly, safe in the knowledge that everything you tell us will be treated with the strictest confidence.

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We offer a free 20-minute consultation for employees looking for initial advice on their legal rights, or you can have a longer consultation with our team for a fixed fee based on a reduced hourly rate.

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How we can help you with employment disputes

Our employment law solicitors can provide specialist advice if you’ve been:

  • Dismissed unfairly
  • Told you’re being made redundant
  • Asked to sign a Settlement Agreement
  • Bullied or harassed at work
  • Unfairly treated due to race, gender, disability, religion or belief
  • Refused leave you believe you are entitled to
  • Turned down for flexible working
  • Refused promotion or training
  • Made to work overtime without pay
  • Deducted pay
  • Advised your duties or conditions of employment are changing

We can also assist if you are looking for employment tribunal representation.

How we get the right outcome for your employment dispute while keeping conflict to a minimum

Settlement agreements

Increasingly, employers will seek to resolve employment disputes or avoid potential employment disputes using a settlement agreement. This involves you signing a legal agreement stating that you will not take a specific matter to an employment tribunal, usually in exchange for a one-off payment.

Settlement agreements can be good for employees as they can allow a dispute to be resolved faster and with less stress and uncertainty, as well as giving you guaranteed compensation. However, you must take independent legal advice for the agreement to be binding and to ensure you are being treated fairly with the amount of compensation offered.

We are highly experienced with reviewing and negotiating settlement agreements, so whether you have already been offered an agreement or wish to discuss making an agreement with an employer, we can provide the expert support you need.

Acas early conciliation

Before making a claim to an employment tribunal, you will normally need to attempt to find a solution through early conciliation with the Advisory, Conciliation and Arbitration Service (Acas).

Both you and your employer must agree to early conciliation in order to use this approach. Acas will then act as intermediaries, speaking to both parties about their views on the dispute and what each needs to achieve in order to agree a settlement.

If the process is successful, you may be asked to sign a settlement agreement. If you cannot reach an agreement through early conciliation, then you may need to take the matter to an employment tribunal.

We can support you through every stage of dealing with an employment dispute through Acas early conciliation, including advising you on what to ask for and reviewing any agreement your employer is willing to make.

Employment tribunal claims

Where you cannot reach a voluntary agreement with an employer, taking the matter to an employment tribunal may be your only option. This involves submitting your case to the tribunal and then appearing before a panel who will decide what the outcome of your dispute will be.

Both you and your employer will have a chance to present your cases to the tribunal. The tribunal can potentially order your employer to pay you compensation, restore your employment (where appropriate) or take other necessary actions to resolve the dispute. However, they could also rule against you, which is the risk you take when having your claim dealt with by a tribunal.

Our team can advise you on whether taking your claim to an employment tribunal is likely to result in the outcome you want and support you through every stage of tribunal proceedings where required.

Why Pearson Hards are the right choice for employment law advice

Our employment law team have many years of experience helping employees of all levels to resolve workplace disputes in New Malden, Kingston, Surbiton and Wimbledon, as well as across Surrey and South London.

Everything we do is carefully planned to protect your best interests. If it’s important that you preserve your relationship with your employer, we’ll do our best to find a way to resolve the issue amicably. Where more robust action is needed to get you a fair outcome, we will make sure you have the strongest possible representation.

Our solicitors have an excellent track record in handling claims on behalf of employees and working with Acas to resolve claims without the need for an employment tribunal. We also regularly support clients through employment tribunal claims, so can ensure you case is prepared effectively and that you know what to expect at every stage of the tribunal process.

We know that cost is an important consideration, especially if you are already in financial difficulties as a result of losing your job. Our fees our competitive with no hidden charges and in many cases your legal costs can be recovered from your employer. We will always make sure you have a clear idea of the potential costs involved from the outset, so you can make an informed decision about moving forward.

Find out more about our employment tribunal fees for employees.

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