Professional Negligence Claims

When we rely on the services of a professional, such as an accountant, financial advisor or architect, we are placing our trust in them to use their qualifications, experience and skills to protect our interests. With that in mind, certain standards are expected of professionals when they provide you with a service. If they fall below those standards and you suffer a loss as a result, you may be entitled to compensation or damages.

Not every mistake will entitle you to compensation and it is necessary to ensure that all of the elements of a negligence claim can be found. You will therefore need to consult a legal expert with specialist experience in dealing with professional negligence claims to make sure you have grounds for a claim and that it is pursued effectively.

We can offer you a dedicated and experienced lawyer who will handle your case from start to finish. They will be your point of contact whenever you have a question or want an update and we will always do our best to be available to you whenever you need us.

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How we can help you with professional negligence claims

Our Civil Litigation team will examine the scope of the work that you asked the professional to carry out and what their duties to you were.  We will then carefully consider whether they have fallen below the standards expected of a competent professional in that area.

Once that has been established, we will help you assess and calculate the losses you have suffered and ensure that those losses can be directly attributed to the negligent act or mistake.

We often engage in mediation and other forms of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) to achieve this and find this a very effective method, particularly when insurance companies are involved. Using ADR to solve your claim can typically allow you to get compensation faster, with lower legal costs and much less stress.

When mediation or ADR are not successful, then we can assist you with taking your case to Court and will talk you through each step of the process.


Why Pearson Hards are the right choice for your professional negligence claim

This is a complex task and not always straightforward, but our team have a strong track record of successful professional negligence claims, so can provide clear, effective guidance through each part of your claim. 

We work closely with experts who may need to be called on to give evidence on what could be expected from a competent professional in the particular field. We also have a good relationship with specialist Barristers in this area of law, so if assistance is required for particular advice or representation at Court hearings we know who to call upon.

We have a great deal of experience dealing with law firms who are instructed by insurance companies to defend claims of Professional Negligence and how they tend to deal with claims. This experience will assist with how the claim should be run and what tactics should be used in order to achieve the best and quickest resolution for you. 

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