Debt Recovery

Thank you for looking at our Debt Recovery services. Debts can arise in all walks of life and we regularly advise and assist businesses and individuals alike.

No business or individual wants to find themselves in a situation where you are owed money by a client or third party.  It can be difficult to manage cash flow as well as considering other factors such as continuing good relations with that client or third party who you may still be having to dealing with. 

The bulk of our debt recovery instructions come from businesses across various sectors. With many years of experience and strong expertise in recovering debts both in and out of court, our debt recovery service is fast, efficient and economical.

Why Us

At Pearson Hards we offer pragmatic and practical debt recovery advice taking all of the circumstances of the matter into account.  We can offer a fixed fee interview with you to run through the details surrounding the debt, help you consider what your key objectives are and how best to achieve them. 

Our advice to you and the best way of recovering the money is dependent in a number of factors which will include the amount outstanding, whether you wish to continue with the working relationship or not, and what other attempts have already been used to obtain the money that is due.

We pride ourselves on exceptional customer care skills enabling you to send out the right message and retain the goodwill between you and the debtor, whilst recovering outstanding payments.

Obviously not every case is straight forward and the length of time it takes to try to recover the money will depend on the circumstances of the case.  The timescales and costs will also depend on whether the debt is disputed or not.  At the outset of your matter, we will give you clear advice at each stage of the process if you decide to instruct us on your case. 

Our team

Claire Darby is the Partner in charge of our Dispute Resolution team.  She qualified in 2011 and has many years of experience recovering debts for individuals and businesses alike.  She has handled debt recovery claims both as a solicitor and before qualifying when she worked as a paralegal and trainee solicitor at a City law firm.  Full details of Claire’s experience can be found in her profile page.  Her hourly rate is currently £280 plus VAT, which is subject to annual review.

Time Scales

Debt recovery usually starts by sending out a formal Letter of Claim. We would usually allow up to 30 days for the other side to reply. If they do not reply then we will discuss whether alternative methods should be adopted to try to contact them.

It may be that they reply and offer a repayment plan. We will discuss that option with you to decide whether it is realistic and feasible to accept.  If the debtor replies but offers no repayment of the debt, then we will consider whether Court proceedings should be issued. 

If Court proceedings are required, then the debtor has 14-28 days to respond to the claim once it is issued by the Court.  If they file a Defence, and the claim becomes disputed, we will discuss the implications of that with you and how the costs might change. If they do not respond within 14 days, then you can request a Judgment in Default from the Court.  The Court will then consider the request and grant a Judgment for the debt claimed plus legal costs and interest.

After that, the timescales will depend on whether the debtor pays voluntarily or whether enforcement action is required.  As detailed above, if enforcement action is required, we will discuss the fees and timescales involved.


Please see our Pricing Page for details of how our fees are charged.


If you would like to discuss your debt recovery matter, please contact Claire Darby for a free, no obligation initial chat today.