Probate & Estate Administration

Coping with the death of a loved one can bring a mixture of emotions and having to deal with the legal side of their death can often be overwhelming and confusing. Our sensitive, expert team of probate specialists can guide you through this challenging time, giving you exactly the level of support you need to successfully deal with all aspects of probate.

If the deceased person did not leave a Will or if there is substantial wealth and property involved, the sense of burden can increase. Where there is a Will, the executors will need to apply for the grant of probate, which will give them the legal right to administer the estate. Where there is no Will, if it is found to be invalid, or if it does not specify an executor, an administrator will need to be appointed.

Having compassionate, experienced legal advisors can make these types of difficult situations much easier on you and your loved ones. Whether you simply need help with a specific issue, such as applying for grant of probate or preparing estate accounts, or would like us to handle the whole probate process for you, we are here for you.

We can offer you a dedicated and experienced lawyer who will handle your case from start to finish. They will be your point of contact whenever you have a question or want an update and we will always do our best to be available to you whenever you need us.

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How we can help you with probate & estate administration

We can help with any aspect of probate and estate administration or take over the whole process for you if you would prefer.

Our expertise includes:

  • Applying for Grant of Probate
  • Obtaining Grant of Probate
  • Settling Liabilities (including paying Inheritance Tax)
  • Collecting funds ready for distribution
  • Finalising the tax position of the estate
  • Distributing funds
  • Producing Estate accounts

Our probate pricing

We aim to keep our probate pricing fair and transparent, with all fees clearly explained in advance. Our fees can normally be covered from the deceased’s estate once probate is completed, meaning there is typically no upfront cost for our probate services.

Our standard hourly rates for dealing with probate matters range from £200+VAT to £290+VAT depending on the complexity of the work and the level of expertise required.

Please see our Pricing Page for more information.

Common questions about probate & estate administration

How long does probate take?

On average, administration of a typical estate will take between 3 – 12 months. Generally, the time taken to obtain the Grant of Probate will take between 3 - 6 months, followed by the collection and distribution of the assets which can take between 4 -12 months.

This range of timescales takes into account handling everything from a straightforward estates through to more complex estates.

Is probate always required?

Probate is required for most estates, however there are two exceptions where it may not be needed:

  1. If the deceased’s whole estate is valued at less than £5,000.
  2. If all of the deceased’s assets were jointly owned with someone else (e.g. their spouse) who is the sole beneficiary of their estate.

If you are unsure whether probate is required for a loved one’s estate, please get in touch and we will be happy to discuss this with you.

Can you stop grant of probate?

If probate has not yet been granted and you wish to prevent this, you can do so by ‘entering a caveat’ at any Probate Registry in England or Wales for a small fee. This stops probate being granted for the next 6 months unless you withdraw the caveat.

You can extend the caveat at any time and as many times as you like, meaning probate can theoretically be delayed indefinitely. This can be a useful option if there is a dispute over an estate that you need time to resolve.

Why Pearson Hards is the right choice for probate and estate administration

We have an experienced team which can assist you with every aspect of the probate process, reducing the administrative burden and advising sensitively on key decisions which need to be made when managing an estate. We are aware that administering an estate comes at a time of grief and high emotion, and that most people do not know the processes and legal requirements involved.

We will give you a clear time frame of how long the process should take and will keep you and any beneficiaries advised throughout.

You will have the confidence that you are our priority, with our aim being that any member of the team is available to speak with you when you need some clarity and certainty at any stage in the process. We feel this provides reassurance and gives you an outlet for any concerns that you may have. Fees are generally paid out of the estate, so it is unlikely for you to have to fund the administration.

The department is equipped with modern computer technology and programs which allow the smooth and efficient administration of an estate from start to finish.

Our probate team in New Malden, Surrey

We have a large department specialising in all aspects of probate work. Ian Lipscombe is the partner in overall charge of the department. Ian has wide general experience of legal practice and can identify issues arising and their solutions across a broad spectrum of legal disciplines. Ian’s charging rate is £290 per hour plus VAT

We have two solicitors who deal with estate administration work, Serena Welch and Paul Denza. Both have experience in other legal disciplines and find that their wider perspective helps them be more effective in their administration work. Their charging rate is £270 per hour plus VAT

To complete the team we have two highly experienced probate executives, Nicky Smith and Julie Smith. Both have many years’ experience and a warm and friendly way of dealing with clients and beneficiaries throughout the process. Their charging rate is £200 per hour plus VAT

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