Education Law

Fighting for the very best for your child

All parents want the very best education for their children. However, if you encounter difficulties with your client’s education parents can find themselves caught up in reams of complex rules and regulations making it very difficult for them to know which way to turn.  

To assist you in all education matters, you will need someone who has good in-depth knowledge of the law coupled with an empathetic and pragmatic attitude. Here at Pearson Hards our education team are focused on your child as the number one priority.

You will need an expert who can think on their feet, who can deliver quality advice and take the right action, fast. And that’s precisely how we work here at Pearson Hards.

How can we help you?

Our specialists provide considered advice on education matters, including:

  • School Admissions
  • School Admissions Appeals
  • School Exclusions
  • Special Educational Needs Previsions
  • Education, Health and Care Plans (EHCP)
  • School complaints

Why Pearson Hards?

Our education experts have the knowledge and experience to consider the statute and law and apply it to your specific case. We are sympathetic to each individual case although we understand the important to be realistic and advise you at an early stage on the prospects of success. We are able to manage the costs of pursuing matters by offering fixed fees for various stages of the proceedings.

Whether you need urgent advice on an imminent issue, are looking for a solicitor to guide you through the process or need someone to represent you at an education tribunal, Pearson Hards are able to help.

For Straight Talking, Fast Acting Education Law Advice, Talk to Pearson Hards.

For realistic advice from experienced education lawyers committed to fighting for the best for your child, call us in confidence today.