Tribunal Representation for Employers

Thank you for looking at our services for Employment Law. We regularly advise employees on Employment Tribunal claims, Settlement Agreements and all other aspects of employment disputes. Our clients include everyone from directors and senior executives through to entry-level workers.

As an employee, you have rights under the law that employers must respect. If you believe you have been unfairly dismissed from your job, getting the right legal advice as soon as possible is vital. This will allow you to get a clear picture of whether you have grounds for a claim and what compensation you may be entitled to.

Our employment lawyers offer clear advice and practical support to help you secure the best available outcome as quickly and simply as possible. We aim to be completely transparent about our pricing, so you can be confident our fees are fair and you are getting good value for money.

Why Us

Our expert team have years of experience, so have almost certainly dealt with similar situations to the one you are facing many times. We will explore all the options available to you, helping you determine a course of action that fits your circumstances and personal priorities.

We know that value for money and overall costs really matter when pursuing an employment claim, so will provide you with a range of estimates and keep you updated on costs at all times. This way, you can be confident we are handling matters for you in a cost effective and efficient way.

If you decide to make an employment tribunal claim, we can offer strong experience in handling Employment Tribunal proceedings and appeals. Our team can provide the robust arguments, skilled judgment and lateral thinking need to prepare your case and achieve the best available outcome.

Whether you wish to settle a claim or fight it at tribunal we will advise you on the best strategy for you and any additional fees involved.


Please see our Pricing Page for our fees in bringing claims against your employer in the Employment Tribunal.

We will advise you of the funding options available to you, for example as an individual you may have insurance which can cover your legal fees.

Our Team

Claire Darby is the Partner in charge of our Dispute Resolution team.  Claire assists with some Employment cases and in particular advising Employees on Settlement Agreements.  Claire is assisted by Lorna Valcin, who is a very experienced Employment law specialist who works as a Consultant for us.  Lorna has been a solicitor for over 30 years specialising in Employment law and Immigration.  She deals solely with employment matters for us at Pearson Hards

Full details of Claire and Lorna’s experience can be found in their profile pages.  Claire’s hourly rate is currently £280 plus VAT and Lorna’s is £265 plus VAT, which are subject to annual review.


If you would like to discuss your employment issue, please do not hesitate to contact Claire Darby or Lorna Valcin for a free, no obligation chat today.