Malden Fortnight - A week of fun and celebrations

We've had a great time during this year's Malden Fortnight and have really enjoyed participating in some of the events.  This year we sponsored the Grand Parade on 4 July 2015, which saw our Emma Rothstein and Claire Darby leading the procession down the high street.  This year's theme was Christmas and with the blue skies and warm temperatures it certainly felt like Australia.  

We then had our annual Summer Party on Tuesday 7 July in the office gardens.  Luckily the rain stayed away this year and despite a bit of cloud to start, it ended up with a beautiful evening. The event was a lovely opportunity for us to say thanks to clients and to local businesses.  The sun was out, the marque was full and the wine was flowing! What more could we have asked for?

Here are a few photos from the events.

Grand Parade


Claire and Emma leading the procession

Us getting ready to hand out balloons


Summer Garden Party