Claudene's first Resolution Committee meeting

In this blog Claudene Howell tells us about her first Surrey Resolution Regional Committee Meeting on 14 November 2019.

Last night I attended my first Surrey Resolution Committee meeting.  It was held at Stevens & Bolton in Guildford.  I will be honest, I was petrified as I was not sure what to expect.  To make matters worse it was late, cold and I was hungry.   However, on arrival all the committee members were so welcoming and lovely to me that my nerves soon evaporated.

What is Resolution?

Resolution is a group of 6,500 members who are family solicitors, family barristers, mediators, financial advisors, social workers and other professions who believe in a constructive and non-confrontational approach to dealing with family law matters.

What does the Surrey Resolution committee do?

They run training, networking and social events for their members and aim to promote Resolution across the region.   Another main objective of the Surrey Resolution Committee is to make charitable donations to charities from the profits that they make.

Committee members

I understand that I am currently the 15th  member of the Committee and the 2nd youngest.  The Committee consists of Partners, Solicitors and Consultants of reputable firms in the North Surrey area.  There is also a member of "Yres" at these meetings.  Yres is a Resolution Committee for newly qualified solicitors up to 10 years post qualification.  Although I am not yet 10 years qualified, I am delighted to be part of the main Committee and hope, together with the representative of Yres, to represent the ideas and opinions of junior lawyers.   

The roles of Committee members

There are a number of roles within the Committee.  As it was my first meeting, I was really there just to see what the Committee does and understand what role I could do.  The Committee has a secretary, a chair, a treasurer, a press officer and a membership development officer.  I have volunteered to assist the secretary, to help with the charity aspect and to be in charge of the internal committee social event organiser as these are areas that interest me.

I do not know how these roles will evolve over time or exactly what they will entail but I look forward to finding out.  I would also love to really get involved with organising the main event that the Surrey Resolution Committee run each year which is the Family Law day.  This provides updates to family solicitors in Surrey.  Whatever role I do, I am really excited about getting involved.