Consider Part 36 offers carefully

The recent case of  in Hochtief (UK) Construction Ltd & Anor v Atkins Ltd is a pertinent reminder to all people in litigation to consider offers to settle carefully. 

A Claimant made an offer to the Defendant for £875,000, which was rejected. After two more years of litigation, the Claimant eventually succeeded in their claim and were awarded £879,848. They had only beaten their offer by just less than £5,000 but the costs consequences for them were serious. 

A ‘Part 36 offer’, as its known, is a particular type of offer and carries with it certain costs consequences if not accepted and later beaten. If a party wins their case and beats a Part 36 offer, even if only marginally, then they are entitled to indemnity costs and interest on the damages. In this case, the Judge set interest on damages at 6% above base rate and ordered that costs be assessed on an indemnity basis. The Claimants therefore received an extra £65,123 as a result on top of their awarded damages. 

It is a pertinent reminder of the dangers of declining an offer to settle and why parties should always consider whether it is worthwhile pursuing litigation to the end. 

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